Our Track Record

How do we create winning designs, again and again?

By doing things differently!

We follow the user-centered design process but we execute the steps slightly differently. If you want mediocre results, follow the same average steps everyone else performs.

Other UX designers list the companies they have worked for, but no one describes what they did or how successful it was. We are proud of our successes.

Most good websites are stuck at 2-3% conversion and lead generation rates. We have an extraordinary track record of 5% and 10% conversion rates:

  • Proflowers
    They tried a traditional design first, and it failed miserably. We designed the site in 1998 and it has remained pretty much the same, with conversion rates in the 15-25% range, depending on the season. More…

  • FedEx Online Print Services
    They saw no profits with their original Print Services web app. We redesigned their app in 2005 and it has achieved ridiculously high success ever since. So much so that they were able to close their Brick and Mortar print locations. More…

  • Vanguard's Investor Snapshot
    Their website is the model that other investment websites follow. We presented our design in 2000, but one VP opted for another design firm’s mediocre design, which failed every KPI. Vanguard eventually launched our design, which has driven the investment management domain ever since.

  • There's more...
    Ask about our other successes, too.

Want to hear the back stories on these successes?

There is quite a bit of interesting humor in many of these stories. Let’s set up a call and talk more about these.

Proflowers Page.jpg
Proflowers.com is one of the most successful e-commerce companies and we owe a good part of that success to the user-experience processes and designs that Larry and his team provided.
— Bill Strauss, President, Proflowers