Insanity: Repeating Your Mistakes,
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We have an incredible track record of these kinds of successes.

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How to Design vs. Why to Design

Most UX Designers can tell you how they created their designs with words like persona, journey map, and A/B testing.

We can tell you why we created our designs. We focus on user research to identify unmet user needs and apply design principles that increase emotional investment and bridge the knowledge gap.

Our Track Record

How do we keep creating winning designs?

By doing things differently!

We follow the user-centered design process but we execute the steps very differently. If you want mediocre results, follow the same mediocre steps everyone else performs.

Other UX designers list the companies they have worked for, but no one describes what they did or how successful it was. We are proud of our successes.

Most good websites are stuck at 2-3% conversion and lead generation rates. We have a extraordinary track record of conversion rates over 10%, and even over 20%:

  • Proflowers
    They tried a traditional design first, and it failed miserably. We designed the site in 1998 and it has remained pretty much the same, with conversion rates in the 15-25% range, depending on the season.

  • FedEx Online Print Services
    They saw no profits with their original Print Services web app. We redesigned their app in 2005 and it has achieved ridiculously high success ever since. So much so that they were able to close their Brick and Mortar print locations.

  • Vanguard's Investor Snapshot
    Their website is the model that other investment websites follow. We presented our design in 2000, but one VP opted for another design firm’s mediocre design, which failed every KPI. Vanguard eventually launched our design, which has driven the investment management domain ever since.

  • There's more...
    Ask about our other successes, too.

Want to hear the back stories on these successes?

There is quite a bit of interesting humor in many of these stories. 

Proflowers Page.jpg is one of the most successful e-commerce companies and we owe a good part of that success to the user-experience processes and designs that Larry and his team provided.
— Bill Strauss, President, Proflowers

Our Secret Sauce 

How do we create winning designs, again and again?

Problem Definition

While most design companies are just that, design companies, we begin with real user research BEFORE doing any design. We always begin with clearly defining the problem, first.

If you don’t know what problem you need to solve, the best you can hope to do is solve the wrong problem, very well.
— Larry Marine

User Research

User observations and interviews are our best source of user insight. We conduct a small set of user visits that include observations followed by clarifying interviews. We look for unmet needs, and we always find some.

Of course we conduct other forms or user research, as well, such as usability testing, contextual interviews, surveys, etc., but user observations are the real key to creating superior designs.

Task Analysis and Optimization

The user research concludes with an analysis of the key users and their tasks. We develop optimized task flow diagrams to illustrate the potential improvements that better support the stated objectives. This is where product innovation really begins.

Opportunity Prioritization and Alignment

Our unique and proprietary priority matrix is key to your success. We conduct an intense, highly collaborative meeting to identify and prioritize the tasks, objectives, and feasibility of key design opportunities. This balances the needs of the user with your buseinss objectives and the technical feasibility.

Solution Design

Once we've clearly defined the problem, the solutions become almost obvious. This leads to user-experience and interaction solutions that double your conversions.

User Experience and Interaction Design

Our design blueprints illustrate the user-experience and interaction design approach, while the accompanying narrative describes the system behaviors. This avoids "interpretation" errors that typically occur with design requirements documents or reports.

Usability Tests and Design Audits

Find out what works best before you build it. We conduct formal and informal usability tests to validate design directions and identify potential issues, early. The test results suggest design refinements that avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong design.

Light and Fast

We use a "Light and Fast" design approach that avoids analysis paralysis and gets to effective UX/UIdesigns in weeks rather than months. 

Even though we move fast, we still create market dominating designs that stand the test of time. Our clients dominate their markets, enjoy some of the best conversion rates on the Internet, and succeed with the same designs for 5, 10, even 20 years.

You will be hard-pressed to find another design team with that kind of success. We look differently than our competitors because we are different. We get the results others only talk about.

To build the “right solution”, you better understand the real problem. Larry has been instrumental in discovering user pain points, analyze workflows and work on novel solutions for a variety of medical device and diagnostic opportunities. I value the expertise Larry brings to analyze the user experience and collaboration with the engineering and marketing teams.
— Chris Valcke, VP, Ventana, a Roche Company

What Do We Deliver?

The first thing you'll notice is that our designs look nothing like anyone else's, but no one else has our track record, either. You do the math.

Our UX research and design deliverables eliminate the guesswork and guide your designers and developers to create the right design.


Cognitive and Behavioral based Personas

These are a staple of good UX practices and help guide the design effort.

Our personas are a bit different from the typical personas other teams create. Rather than defining personas by demographic data, such as age, income, social status, etc., our personas are based on more useful cognitive and behavioral data. Demographic data doesn't tell you how users behave on your site. Cognitive and behavioral data, such as the task trigger, the user's desired outcomes, their knowledge base and what knowledge is missing (but is necessary to the task), makes a big difference in the design.

Despite being quite different from the typical personas, ours are still very useful to any design team.

Flow Diagrams

We provide task flow diagrams that depict the steps of the user's task. These are similar to journey maps, but also include the actions that the design must perform as well as the actions the users perform.

These flows depict our optimized, task-oriented design strategy that is fundamental to your winning design. Users don’t want to use features, they want to accomplish a task to solve a problem. Average designs are feature-oriented, requiring users to figure out which features they need at just the right time. Such reliance on the highly variable levels of user skill and knowledge dramatically limits user success and thus your success.

Task-oriented designs perform dramatically better than feature-oriented designs.

Example Task Flows.jpg


Design Concept Wireframes

Since much of good UX design is invisible, we deliver high level design concepts that include descriptions of the invisible interaction behaviors. These are defined well enough for your designers and developers to create a successful product.

We do not include graphic design, unless specifically requested. Most companies have well-defined style guides and, unless there are major issues with it, we will not provide style guide designs.

Most companies already have their own development teams, therefore, we will not supplant your developers with our own, unless requested.

Knowledge Transfer

We prefer to work closely with design teams during all phases of the UX research and design process to ensure a good knowledge transfer that helps sustain the performance of your new design over time.

Of course, we'll be available to come back and keep you on course, but we'll provide all the information you'll need to sustain your success for many years to come. Our previous designs are still leading the pack 5, 10, 15 and 20 years after launching.

We want you design to succeed that long, as well..


Let's create a winning design together!

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