We Create User-Centered Designs That Get Results

Create a New Design

Want a new design that dominates your market? We’ll conduct detailed user research, create personas, generate user flow maps and prioritize opportunities to help define your ideal user experience strategy.

Improve a Design

Already have a design that just isn’t getting results? We'll examine your existing UX strategy, conduct rapid user research, validate personas and optimize user flows to create a new UX experience that exceeds expectations.

Identify UX Problems

Is your current design not meeting expectations? Let us troubleshoot the design and identify the problems. Then we'll provide feasible recommendations on how to create a better user experience.

Exceptional Solutions for Clients, Large and Small

Meet the IDG Team

Larry Marine

Larry Marine

Jackie O'Neil

Jackie O'Neil


Intuitive Design Group includes two very senior user-experience and interaction design specialists and draws upon a dozen additional design contractors as specifically needed for each project. Over the years, we have refined the industry standard User-Centered Design process to go beyond simply making things user-friendly and focus on producing designs that are also business successes.

Our alignment process earns accolades from our clients and we typically are awarded multiple projects with these clients once they enjoy the results of our efforts. We are strictly innovators, researchers and designers. We don't "develop" anything, so we are technology agnostic and have solved problems for many types of clients in many different domains and platforms, such as:


  • Medical
  • Financial
  • e-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Enterprise
  • Commercial
  • Consumer
  • ...and more


  • Web sites
  • Web applications
  • Thin clients
  • Thick clients
  • Software
  • Touch screen
  • ...and more

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