Our Portfolio of Success

The following are a few examples of how we do things a bit differently to achieve unimaginable successes for our clients. These are not exaggerations, but real case studies with unbelievable success metrics.

20% Conversion Rates

The Proflowers Story

Can you name another website that has enjoyed a conversion rate over 20% for 20 years? So, what made this such as successful design? It certainly wasn’t about merely delighting the user. This brief summary of the history of our design effort with Proflowers helps shed some light on how real UX design can improve a company's bottom line.

Replaced a Failed Design

Replaced a Failed Design

FedEx Office Print

What began as a simple UX evaluation turned into a highly successful redesign that completely turned the application around.

The Pyxis Narcotics Kiosk

The Pyxis Narcotics Kiosk

Pyxis Medstation

Though you have never heard of it, the Pyxis Medstation is one of the most successful medical device designs. It is the gold standard of interaction design in the medical field. If a hospital doesn’t have a Pyxis, nurses will turn down a job.

Not bad for a device that went from a cardboard box to $900 Million in less than a decade.

To build the “right solution”, you better understand the real problem. Larry has been instrumental in discovering user pain points, analyze workflows and work on novel solutions for a variety of medical device and diagnostic opportunities. I value the expertise Larry brings to analyze the user experience and collaboration with the engineering and marketing teams.
— Chris Valcke, VP, Ventana, a Roche Company