What Do We Deliver?

First off, our designs look nothing like anyone else's, but no one else has our track record, either. You do the math.

Our UX research and design deliverables eliminate the guesswork and guide your designers and developers to create the right design. These are a bit different from the typical deliverables, but that’s because we have evolved our deliverables over the past 3 decades to provide information that more accurately influences the design.


Task-based Cognitive and Behavioral Personas

These are a staple of good UX practices and help guide the design effort.

Our personas are a bit different from the typical personas other teams create. Rather than defining personas by demographic data, such as age, income, social status, etc., our personas are based on more useful cognitive and behavioral data. Demographic data doesn't tell you how users behave on your site. Cognitive and behavioral data, such as the task trigger, the user's desired outcomes, their knowledge base and what knowledge is missing (but is necessary to the task), makes a big difference in the design.

Despite being quite different from the typical personas, ours are still very useful to any design team.

Flow Diagrams

We provide task flow diagrams that depict the steps of the user's task. These are similar to journey maps, but also include the actions that the design must perform as well as the actions the users perform.

These flows depict our optimized, task-oriented design strategy that is fundamental to your winning design. Users don’t want to use features, they want to accomplish a task to solve a problem. Average designs are feature-oriented, requiring users to figure out which features they need at just the right time. Such reliance on the highly variable levels of user skill and knowledge dramatically limits user success and thus your success.

Task-oriented designs perform dramatically better than feature-oriented designs.

Example Task Flows.jpg


Design Concept Wireframes

Since much of good UX design is invisible, we deliver high level design concepts that include descriptions of the invisible interaction behaviors. These are defined well enough for your designers and developers to create a successful product.

We do not include graphic design, unless specifically requested. Most companies have well-defined style guides and, unless there are major issues with it, we will not provide style guide designs.

Most companies already have their own development teams, therefore, we will not supplant your developers with our own, unless requested.

Knowledge Transfer

We prefer to work closely with design teams during all phases of the UX research and design process to ensure a good knowledge transfer that helps sustain the performance of your new design over time.

Of course, we'll be available to come back and keep you on course, but we'll provide all the information you'll need to sustain your success for many years to come. Our previous designs are still leading the pack 5, 10, 15 and 20 years after launching.

We want you design to succeed that long, as well..