More About Our Team

Larry Marine

Larry is well known and highly regarded in the user-experience field. He has been involved in usability and user-experience design since 1990 and has written many articles for various trade publications over the years. Check the blog for some of these articles.

He recently co-authored a chapter in the new PDMA ToolBook 3 with Dr. Chad McAllister. The chapter describes Larry's renowned process that objectively quantifies new product opportunities and aligns the business and user needs to provide a product that meets or exceeds the business objectives while also serving the needs of the target market.

Larry earned his Cognitive Science degree at UC San Diego under the tutelage of the father of usability and UX design, Dr. Don Norman. Cognitive Science is a blend of Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science and forms the drives our amazing results.

Jackie O'Neil

Jackie brings 30 years of technology management and user experience strategy, research and design to the Intuitive Design Group. She first ensures that business objectives are aligned with customer needs so that products provide the right functions. Then she designs those functions in a useful, usable and compelling way-resulting in business and user success.

She has held high-level management positions in business systems, business technology management, web and software design and usability, as an employee and consultant for companies such as The Vanguard Group, Merck, GSK, Rohm and Haas, Unisys, Fannie Mae, IMS Health, Deloitte, Colorado National Bank, etc.

She has degrees in fine arts, education and computer science, and has begun her masters in business and computer science.

Our Thoughts on Design Innovation

Are our designs innovative? You bet.

Insanity is defined as repeating mistakes, but expecting different results. While your competition is focused on following each other, our process identifies innovative ways to break from the pack.

We don't innovate just to innovate. Real innovation occurs more in the problem definition phase than in the solution design phase and that's where we excel. We drive innovation from real user-research data. Remember, you can't lead by following, so avoid falling into the same rut of the herd in front of you. Besides, do you really think that the others are doing it right or are they merely automating current frustrations?

Once is luck, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend and many of our clients own their markets because of our process. We must be doing something right.

Have we piqued your interest?.