Improve an Existing Design

If you already have a website or application but don’t have a well-engineered, consistent user experience, you could be missing big opportunities. Great UX design can be directly correlated to higher conversions, increased revenue and improved brand loyalty. Check out the steps below to see how we approach design improvements:

  • Examine the UX Strategy
  • Conduct Rapid User Research
  • Validate Personas
  • Evaluate the UX Design
  • Optimize User Flow
  • Design the UX (Wireframes)
  • Test and Refine

Consider a Strategic Alignment Audit:

Find out how your design limits your success, and what will improve it. Our design audits indicate the severity of each issue with respect to how it impacts your business and marketing objectives. We offer two options:

Quick Audit + Design Suggestions:

Turnaround: 3 weeks
Cost: $10,000
What You Get: The same as our quick audit, plus we add realistic design suggestions (including wireframe mock-ups) to improve your design and your success.

Quick Audit:

Turnaround: 2 weeks
Cost: $5,000
What You Get: We'll perform a detailed audit to determine what specifically is impacting your objectives.

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