Our Extraordinary Track Record


FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Center

What We Did: 

Total redesign of FedEx Kinko's online print tool.

How We Did It:

The previous incarnation of the print on-line tool suffered major usability issues that impacted FedEx Kinko's bottom line.
We were initially commissioned to conduct a quick usability evaluation of their user experience design. The results of our evaluation were compelling enough for FedEx Kinko's to launch a major redesign effort.

We performed a small set of ethnographic observations with real users, which identified the root of the lackluster performance. The previous interaction design metaphor was based on a wizard approach, but our user research determined that a dialog style of interaction was more appropriate for tasks related to creating and submitting a print order.

We created a new dialog driven design with enough flexibility to support complex print jobs, while at the same time gently guiding users through the process. Usability testing of early design mock-ups verified the success of the new interaction metaphor. The results exceeded even the wildest expectations of Product Management.

FedEx Kinko's now sees about as much business from their on-line print tool as they do at the front counters of their brick and mortar stores.



What We Did: 

Designed user interaction for ProFlowers florist website.

How We Did It:

ProFlowers was recommended to us by the father of usability, Dr. Don Norman, as a local resource to help them break out from the mass of on-line florists 10 years ago.

Our user research identified a number of key opportunities that were largely unaddressed by all of the major competitors. Focusing on these opportunities led to a VERY successful (profitable) website. Our website design leverages the emotional aspect of the key tasks so that users are enthusiastic about adding items to their order and completing the purchase.

Not only is ProFlowers' conversion rate higher than just about every other e-commerce site, but a high percentage of users return to buy flowers, again and again. ProFlowers' profits have increased every year and are higher than most every other e-commerce site. They were recently acquired by Provide commerce based on their strong sales performance.

Admittedly, the interaction design is just one component of ProFlowers' success. Credit also goes to the management team. However, they acknowledge that they wouldn't enjoy such great success without our design.